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  1. [align=left]If you are looking to work for an exciting startup with experience in Iran and UK for disruptive technologies in banking and finance and you are [/align] [align=left]A confident Android developer with examples of work being done on the android market[/align] [align=left] Have the tendency to learn from the latest technologies in Agile software development as well as enterprise software components[/align] [align=left]Want to learn from some of the best in their fields of works[/align] [align=left]Want flexibility in your office environment[/align] [align=left]Are comfortable with English writings[/align] [align=left]Write unit tests for your code and do performance tests regularly[/align] [align=left]Fan of modern software languages and database technolgies[/align] [align=left]Then we have a place for you. Please email your latest CV to ahooman@gmail.com[/align] [align=left] and we have loads of exciting technologies to capture your imagination.[/align]