Farzad Sarseifi

Android Developer and Internship

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[align=left]Experienced Android Developer

Technical Skills Required:

•    Confident with object oriented concepts

•    Good grasp of JavaSE

•    A good understanding of UX principles

•    Good grasp of Android Design Principles

•    Presentable work in Bazar, cando or other alternative app markets

•    Confident with Android development without dependency on tools such as phone-gap and Xamarin

Non-Technical Skills Required:

•    Good communication skills

•    Ability to work effectively under stress

•    Good command of writing and reading in English

A little bit about us:

We are a recently established start-up focused on mobile banking and mobile payment with international experience developing high quality software products in Iran and overseas.

Our office is based in Dowlat-Shariatie in a little corner close to Sadr highway.

We love new technologies, we work hard to deliver high quality software and we judge ourselves by the impact we make to the community and people we produce software for.



Send a CV to ahooman@gmail.com and I will be happy to come back to you.


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